Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hiway-- Professional Escape Artist
This morning Mom left to go do something, who knows what, and I was left in my cage. This is unacceptable. I mean it is spring, I'm supposed to be looking for a mate, right? So I left the comfort of my cage through the escape hatch. I only open it on occasion and I thought today was the best day to do it. I pestered Sunny for a bit, as he is my best friend. And I chewed on a package that Mom has sitting on the wall ready to go to the post office. Mom had no clue I was out this time when she came home. Usually I'm off somewhere in the confines on the zoo and I give myself away by yelling as she comes up the stairs. For some reasons she can tell by my voice I'm not where I am supposed to be. This time I was on top of Sunny's cage so I was only a couple feet off my normal local.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Photo Evidence

Recent happenings at the Riley Zoo: 

Hiway got a shower!

Soaked to the bone!

Jake visited the ponies in the barn!

Jake said "ahhhhh" so I could check his teeth........

Jake loves the playhouse

What a ham!

Holland guarded my keyboard, even in his sleep.

Aberdeen looked bored

Hiway thinks my IV stand is a great perch! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Jake, Service Dog, 4 Years Old
The best thing about being a service dog is that Mom never forgets to buy me a toy when she is at the store. Okay, so I get one every third or fourth visit. But because I am with her, I get to pick it out. She doesn't let me touch them until it is bought, but she'll grab one and gauge my response to it. She knows she got the right one when I try to get it out of the basket before we get to the register. I have about 25 toys right now.....

One of my favorite toys is a cat bed. Or so Mom tells me every time I bring it to her to play fetch with. It looks like a giant fleece Frisbee . How am I supposed to know Holland and Aberdeen are expected to lay on it? They sleep on the bed with me now days.

Sleepy Furbabies