Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hiway-- Professional Escape Artist
This morning Mom left to go do something, who knows what, and I was left in my cage. This is unacceptable. I mean it is spring, I'm supposed to be looking for a mate, right? So I left the comfort of my cage through the escape hatch. I only open it on occasion and I thought today was the best day to do it. I pestered Sunny for a bit, as he is my best friend. And I chewed on a package that Mom has sitting on the wall ready to go to the post office. Mom had no clue I was out this time when she came home. Usually I'm off somewhere in the confines on the zoo and I give myself away by yelling as she comes up the stairs. For some reasons she can tell by my voice I'm not where I am supposed to be. This time I was on top of Sunny's cage so I was only a couple feet off my normal local.

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