Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aberdeen, Queen of the Zoo

Aberdeen here, the only other female in house.

Aberdeen (blue/grey) and Holland
My brother Holland and I make up the EU Twins (because we are named after places in the European Union, I guess). We are a smidgen shy of 6 months old and were adopted from The Cat House in Lincoln, NE. I like to snuggle with Mom in the evenings and watch as she works on the laptop. Actually, I inhibit her working by walking on the keyboard. Or I make Holland do it as he is well versed in the computer. He watches TV with her and bats at the critters on nature documentaries.

The bird isn't behind the computer? 
I am an elusive kitty. I like to sneak around the house and pop up when Mom is up to something exciting like going to the bathroom or making coffee. I hide under the living room chair while she gets her gear together for the day and stare intently at her feet like I am going to batt them. But only if Jake is not around. That Jake character is intimidating. I don't know what Holland sees in him....I mean he sleeps with a stuffed octopus!


At least Holland just looks cute when he sleeps:


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