Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's Raining!

Hiway the neighborhood loud mouth here:

Hiway, Blue and Gold Macaw, Age 14.5
I've discovered that the best way to get Mom to give me a shower is to act squirrely for a day or two. I have to wait until she can safely shower with me, so I have to be somewhat patient. Thankfully she doesn't have her port accessed today (Freedom Day she calls it) so I got enjoy the indoor rain maker with her this afternoon.

I'm a tropical bird, I like water. Unlike Roni and Sine I will not attempt to take a bath in my water dish. Sine is the only one who can actually fit into the water dish, Roni just thinks he can. In reality he looks like a fool splashing water all around. Our fearless leader is like the Emperor in that story...the one where they make imaginary clothes for him and he goes on parade buck naked. Yeah...

Mom bought me a shower perch ages ago, but I refuse to stand on it under the water. So she take a shower (and shaves fur off her legs) then lets me use all the hot water taking my shower with me sitting on her knees. I go hog wild under that water until she says she is getting too cold and then the rain stops. I don't mind, I don't like cold showers either.

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